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DARI PHARMA is a pharmaceutical laboratory that carries out the selling of well-established products of a high therapeutic value to treat significant pathologies of today’s society. Founded in 2018 and following the European production standards, DARI PHARMA’s primary mission is to implement value in the health system and contribute to its sustainability.

At present, DARI PHARMA vademecum possess pharmaceuticals which pertain to a wide range of therapeutical groups, such as analgesics/anti-inflamatories, antiemetics, antifungals, anti-hypertensives and anti-infectives.

DARI PHARMA maintains a close cooperation with the product development facilities and the associated manufacturers, all of them being located in Europe.


DARI PHARMA laboratories focalise their efforts in reaching the maximum quality standards and offering a satisfactory service to the sanitary community.


Our aim is to improve the quality of life of patients and to position the laboratory as a national reference in marketing and supplying of medicinal products.


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We are a pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to the marketing of high quality medicinal products.


In DARI PHARMA’s laboratories we develop our operations under essential premises such as society’s welfare and the sustainability of the sanitary system.


The main focus of our service is the establishment of links with patients and healthcare professionals as means of knowing and meeting their needs, making their needs our priorities.


The best way to create confidence is becoming a reference in the marketing of medicinal products within the pharmaceutical sector.


The information about medicinal productsof the pharmaceutical laboratory DARI PHARMA is aimed at entitled healthcare professionals to prescribe drugs in Spain.

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